Bus or truck?
We deal with heavy recoveries too

You can also call on us for the recovery of buses or trucks. We have a great deal of experience in the transportation of vehicles that weigh in excess of 3500 kilograms. Our specialists work quickly and competently in complex situations. 

It takes just one call to arrange the necessary equipment

We have most of the required equipment in-house. And all vehicles comply with statutory provisions and provincial ordinances. Good to know that complex and large recoveries can also be arranged with a single phone call. We naturally also assist fellow recovery companies with our equipment.

We can do it all

From an overturned truck to the recovery of a 40-metre boat, we can do it all. View the photos below and the examples on Facebook to get an initial idea. Contact us for more information.

Heavy salvage
& Assistence
available 24/7
Robert Dubbink - Wolves Berging
Robert Dubbink

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