Replacement transport?
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Are you stranded because of a breakdown and can your vehicle not be repaired? Then we will provide replacement transport, wherever you are in the Netherlands. That way, you can continue your journey. 

Replacement transport for all vehicles

What vehicle are you stranded with? We will provide a good alternative in any case. We have cars in various sizes, as well as vans and campers. All vehicles are in perfect condition and equipped with winter tyres in winter as standard.

Throughout Europe

It is good to know you can continue your journey, especially when you are far from home. Drive On therefore provides replacement transport throughout the whole of Europe, in the summer and winter season. You can naturally drop the car off at an address close to your home or place of work after your journey.

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Replacement transport
with Drive On

We can tell you more!

Together with the team, I ensure good distribution of our replacement vehicles across the whole country. That way, you can continue your journey as soon as possible if your own car won’t run due to a breakdown or damage.

Esmee van den Berg - Wolves Berging
Esmee van den Berg

Replacement Transport Team Leader