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We take the vehicle to a place of safety in the event of an accident or technical fault. Day and night, including weekends and holidays. Fast, flexible and efficient, we recover anything that has broken down throughout the Netherlands: from cars, caravans and (electric) bikes to trucks. That is the Wolves W.

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No incident, but in need of transport?

We know the

Wolves Transport

Wolves special W’s

zware berging speciaal

Bus or truck?
You can count on our expertise in heavy salvage

We have the required equipment and experience to recover vehicles weighing > 3500 kilograms.
Our specialists work quickly and competently in complex situations.

More about heavy recovery

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We can tell you more!

Every day brings new challenges, from breakdowns to the recovery of trucks. It is good to know we have a solution for every mobility issue, whether it concerns recovery, breakdown assistance, transportation, or replacement vehicles. Our enthusiastic specialists always get you back on your way.

Bastiaan Bakker - Wolves Berging
Bastiaan Bakker

Operational manager